CoachMike says:

Creative Coaching and Writing for Executive Speakers

"Mike Landrum Wins the Cicero Award for Speechwriting"

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If you have an audience that you must persuade, inform, inspire, instruct or entertain, you need one or all of three things:

1. You need a powerfully written speech based on your business needs and compellingly crafted to move your audience to action.
2. You need an experienced, professional presentation skills coach to help you to deliver your message successfully, in any forum, with confidence and clarity.
3. You need a speaker with rare ability who can craft your message in clear, simple, direct language and then deliver it with great personal poise, power and passion.

Mike Landrum, The Passionate Speaker, can help you with any or all of these special tasks. Communication is a personal art - contact this professional artist with over forty years experience on stage, platform, television and radio. Together we can solve any communication problem.

“Michael is a huge and wondrous talent!”

Jane Maas
Chairman Emeritus
Earle Palmer Brown, New York